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Giving Back One Hair Tie at a Time - TELETIES

Do you hate when your hair tie rips and pulls on your hair and doesn't stay in place? TELETIES promises you won't endure these problems any longer! The founder of TELETIES had a mission to create the perfect hair tie that will also give back. Lindsay Muscato knows the struggle of a hair tie that won't stay in place, but also acknowledges the importance of non-profit organizations. 

On TELETIES website, Lindsay shares the story of getting tested for the BRCA1 mutation that thankfully came back negative. BRCA1 is a gene mutation can be inherited from a parent. BRCA1 is a tumor suppressor gene that leads to the development of cancer. A tumor suppressor gene is a gene that can make a specific type of protein that controls cell growth. This specific gene increases risk of breast or ovarian cancer. Typically, a child with a parent that carries this mutation has a 50% chance of inheriting the mutated gene.

(Information about the BRCA1 gene mutation found on Cancer.gov)

This showed great significance to Lindsey and lead her to partner with FORCE. FORCE stands for Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered. FORCE is a non-profit that aids in providing resources and early detection of breast and ovarian cancers. FORCE offers assistance in testing, information on risk management and treatment, research, support, and education. 

After Lindsay's experience undergoing testing and losing a family member to breast cancer, she made a promise to spread awareness of the BRCA1 gene and educating others. She also promised to produce a product that she believes is the perfect hair tie that gives back to a meaningful and impactful cause. 

Here at Simply Threads we want to support organizations like FORCE! We carry a broad selection of TELETIES from Tiny to Headbands. There are all sorts of fun varieties and we hope you join us in supporting TELETIES + FORCE! 

Helpful tips and tricks from TELETIES:

-TELETIES come in Tiny, Small, Large, + Headband.

-TELETIES head reduce headaches, hair damage, and hair creases.

-TELETIES are water resistant.

-TELETIES make a fashion statement, can be worn in the hair or on the wrist as a bracelet.

-If your TELETIES stretch out, place in hot water and watch it shrink back to normal size!